Cooking classes

Cooking classes and cooking school

Motivate your employees!
Train your employees
for the constantly changing requirements in the catering!
There is nothing permanent except change.
Book my training courses on various topics.


Herbal Cooking

Herbs are the medicine of nature.
For the preservation of health, which is attainable for every human.
Cooking with herbs and the essential oils of herbs
is the healthy way of eating
In cooking classes to learn and relish experience.

Mise en place (Placing)

For the gourmet kitchen
for home cooking
for the kitchen in a tourist restaurant
for system catering

Cooking Techniques

Classic preparation of sauces
Jus, Demi-glace, Glace
the elevation of classic sauces with butter
Making of Bouillon, clarifying, Beef Tea etc
Preparation of the stock or fish stock
Sous vide cooking


Cooking with Low Temperature

Work optimization
Connection of combo steamers with
hard chrome griddles and induction stoves

The experience of many years in first-class hotels,
interesting changing categories
I would like to pass on for your usage.

I hold my seminars in an international format.
I feel at home in many cultures.       

Today I pass my knowledge
happily on to cooking enthusiasts

Sincerely, Olivier


I’ll make you an individual program.
The world of gourmet cuisine is in constant change.
There is always something new to discover.


News from the gourmet cuisine

My top chefs show you special tips and tricks from the gourmet kitchen.
Cooking school were booked in Salzburg, Rastatt, Bonn, Hamburg ……… ..

Exclusive kitchen studios invite me happily to presentations
with new cooking techniques to their respectives salesrooms.