Personal Chef Olivier – About Us

Personal Chef

Cooking is my passion
is my favorite word

Give me a basket of Food
I will turn it into a dream for you

True culinary art means to me
create a “poem” from “almost nothing”.

Years of experience in the 3 star gastronomy
in big houses such as
Opera Källern (Majesty Palace Stockholm)
Georges Blanc Vonnas in France

First Class Catering of some of the most important events
of Formula 1
up to Americas Cup has been
carried out by my own company
These experiences have given me the finish touches as a professional.

I tasted the oldest and most valuable wine bottles in the world

wein sommelier weinberatung

1945 – 1986 Mouton Rothschild wine tasting
1789 Lafite Rothschild
1812 Chateau Comfortable
The old pleasure tradition
from the house Fournes (1929)
whas so far been carried on passionately by me.

My journey
took me to Paris, Rome, Geneva, Cairo, Toronto,
where I grew up as a child of an ambassador.
Today I speak 5 languages
I hold my seminars in an international format.
I feel at home in many cultures.
Today I pass my knowledge
happily on to
cooking enthusiasts and Pleasure-seekers




Press release of the gourmet magazine ” Gourmet ”
from 2009 on my startup company.

Gourmet 2009
2009 Michelin

Fournes Gourmet Service

The culinary pampering program on star level
His reference list is long,
his life is rather exceptional and his passion
for an extravagant culinary lifestyle,
is unbroken to this day.
Still, Olivier is down to earth
and sometimes he also on a red carpet.
Which is purely for business of course, when he runs major events and pampers the celebrities.
His decades of experience in the 3-star gastronomy
would be the best basis for a restaurant.
But the passionate gourmet decided on a type of business
in which he can combine his collected expertise and experiences perfectly.

Included among the sought-after and popular highlights are now the Special
Pick & Nick.
Fancy cars,
exquisite culinary delights and enchanting places promise an air of pure enjoyment.

The individual features are virtually unlimited.
You decide,
how, where and with whom you will have an unforgettable time.
So then,
“Savoir vivre!”
Connect the charm of the extraordinary with the feeling of exclusivity!



My grandfather – Tradition Forms Ties


Tradition was always great in the Fournes household:
Since 1929 his grandfather has defined the art of wine as his life’s work.
With his own brand, complete with its beautiful labels
different wine & sparkling wine products, he was a very popular gourmet taster.

Oliver has already followed his footsteps since childhood.