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Home Service & Personal Chef for Hire

Home Service & Personal Chef for Hire

Chef for hire & staff emergency call
In my field of expertise I see myself
as an interim aid during staff shortages

  • On call chef
  • Substitute in case of vacations & during illness
  • In case of illness
    Kitchen management
    Restaurant management
  • During peak times
  • Reopenings

Available chef for hire staff

  • Highly qualified chef and kitchen staff
  • Exclusively trained and qualified chefs for hire

Our procedure

  • Call +49 (0) 1515 18 18 350
  • Give us your requirements
  • Supply and assignment proposal within hours
  • Transfer the agency fee
  • Assignment of the chef, the chef is to be paid separately and works for himself



Execution of our service

  • Fast
  • Goal-oriented
  • Professional


koch mieten


I will quickly and easily arrange for qualified personal chefs

With training in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Be it a complete kitchen brigade
A chef, Chef de Partie or a single cook.
My team of personal chefs have broad experience 
in all areas of international cuisine.

From my network, it is possible for me
to arrange for specialized cooks with their cooking schools.
In case of unforeseen shortages of chefs, Personal Chef Olivier guarantees
immediate, seamless replacement!

Personal Chef Olivier has access to a team
of over 350 selected and qualified chefs and
first class catering staff.
The service team consists of personnel strongly trained on etiquette.
Personal Chef Olivier offers high quality at major events,
matching that of a small private celebration.


The reputation of my team “Personal Chef Olivier” often precedes me:

The Team “Personal Chef Olivier” is calm
and yet everything runs like clockwork.

Talk to me,
Personal Chef Olivier has the right solution for you!

Hire a chef, 365 days long

My warranty

  • Personal Chef Olivier arranges exclusively for self-employed personal chefs on a contract for work basis
  • Personal Chef Olivier does not perform any work, but acts only as personnel leasing agent, and as a recruitment agency


Grab the opportunity to book my Personal Chef Olivier-Team for:

  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Hotel and Restaurant work in all positions
  • As a private chef
  • Caterers
  • As support from your employees during times of overload
  • Substitute in case of illness
  • or hire a chef for the entire season

May I explain your benefits?

  • trained and qualified professional chefs
    whose know-how transfer can be used as synergy
  • accurate planning
  • calculable costs of professional chefs
  • no incidental non-wage costs
  • no registration/deregistration


For a special occasion I arrange for freelance personal chefs who specialize

  • as BBQ masters
  • for exclusive sushi preparation
  • Live cooking with moderation

24/7/365 emergency number, we help you with your staff shortages!    

Olivier – Personal chefs