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Rental cooks

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Rental cooks

Exclusively trained and qualified kitchen staff for rent with training in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. It can be a complete kitchen crew, a chef, chef de Partie or „Alone Cook“. My team of personal chefs is experienced in all areas of international cuisine. Olivier has access to a team of more than 350 selected and quailfied cooks or first class catering stuff.

High quality at major events as well for private parties.


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Professional Team

My Team is calm and yet everything runs like clockwork. We have access to more than 350 qualified chef cooks and excellent catering staff.


  • Trained and qualified cooks for rent
  • Exact planning
  • Calculable costs
  • No wage labor costs
  • No registration efforts



Our rental cooks are all independant and act on works basis. We act only as a mediation agency.

Talk to me, I have the right solution for you!

Olivier Fournes, Maitre



Münchnerstr. 61
DE 83607 Holzkirchen