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Temporary employee leasing is the fastest way to find a new employee. The employee remains employed by us and is loaned to your company. A temporary employment contract regulates the hourly rate agreed with you, the expected period of employment and the desired qualifications. The hourly rate includes all statutory health, pension and unemployment insurance contributions as well as contributions to the trade association, which we pay. This also means that you do not have to register with the social security agencies.

The hours worked are recorded daily by the employee m/f and handed over to you for signature once a week before invoicing. Only the hours actually worked will be invoiced. Sickness, vacation, public holidays, breaks, etc. are not charged.


Your benefits

  • More flexibility and security in the event of order peaks and staff shortages Employees whose qualifications are tailored to your requirements Personal advice and support.
  • Exactly calculable costs
  • Fast and reliable processing – from the call to the setting No risk – short-term cancellation if the order situation changes After
  • 6 months, the employee can be taken on as a permanent employee free of charge


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